Legal Advisory Office


Lucas Arboleda Henao

Head of the Legal Advisory Office


  • According to Decree 381 of 2012:

Article 8. Legal Advisory Office: The duties of the Legal Advisory Office are:


1. Analyzing and endorsing the administrative acts that must signed by the Minister or his delegates.

2. Reviewing and endorsing the draft administrative acts, requests for consultation at State Council, contracts and/or agreements that the Ministry must signed or propose.

3. Providing legal and extrajudicial representation to the Ministry during any processes and proceedings against it or which it must undertake, by means of a power or delegation received from the Minister and through the supervising of their procedures.

4. Compiling legal norms, opinions, jurisprudence and doctrine related to Ministry activities and promoting their spread and keeping up to date.

5. Providing opinions to the Minister on draft legislation related to institutional goals.

6. Coordinating with the legal offices of the Mines and Energy Administrative Sector entities in order to prepare and support regulations according to the parameters established by the Minister and Vice-Ministers.

7. Providing advice during the procedures involving legal actions, direct withdrawals and, in general, all legal activities related to the responsibilities of the Ministry.

8. Analyzing draft regulations presented to the Ministry and providing opinions regarding their legal viability.

9. Answering legal consultations and requests for information within its jurisdiction that have been presented by public and private entities as well as individual citizens.

10. Preparing any legal studies required by the Ministry.

11. Providing advice to the offices of the technical directors of the Ministry, upon request, in order to prepare administrative acts related to imposing fines, sanctions and, in general, concerning any other inherent activities of the mining and energy sector that are the responsibility of this Ministry.

12. Advising the offices of different directors concerning the preparations of minutes for agreements, as well as giving advice during the preparation of acts for the liquidation of said agreements.

13. Reviewing, studying and providing prior opinions to the Minister or whoever has been delegate by the same regarding the legal aspects of pre-contractual, contractual and post-contractual actions, whenever this is requested for specific and concrete cases.

14. Notifying interested parties about the administrative acts issued by the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

15. Any other assigned duties.