Office of the Director of Electric Energy


José Miguel AcostaJosé Miguel Acosta Suárez

Director of Electric Energy

He is an Electric Engineer from the Universidad de Los Andes and a Specialist in Finances as well as a Master in Business Administration from the same university. He also has certifications in CIA, CCSA and CRMA auditing issued by The Institute of Internal Auditors.

His experience within the public and private sectors includes the fields of energy, finance, administration, supply, contracting and internal auditing, by leading projects on behalf of the Comptroller's Office, including Risk Management as well as financial, budget, administrative, technical, operation and project management control, COSO model Internal Control Systems, Compliance and Corporate Government in both Colombia and Peru.

He has work for the Empresa de Energía de Cundinamarca and the Empresa de Energía de Bogotá. Then he traveled to Peru to act as Comptroller and Internal Auditor for the Peruvian Energy Network and the Consorcio Transmantaro (ISA and EEB companies), beforing returning to work at the Office of the Director of Branch Management for the Energía de Bogotá group. He has been a member of the Boards of Directors of Gas Natural de Lima y Callao S.A. (CALIDDA) in Perú, EBB Ingeniería y Servicios (EEBIS) in Guatemala as well as in the Transportadora de Energía de Centro América S.A. (TRECSA) of Guatemala.


  • According to Decree 381 of 2012:

Article 16. Office of the Director of Electric Energy: The duties of the Office of the Director of Electric Energy are:


1. Preparing and presenting to the Vice-Minister of Energy the guidelines for supporting the formulation of electric energy policy

2. Drafting plans, programs and projects for developing the electric energy sector, according to the national development plans the National Government policy.

3. Drafting technical regulations for the electric energy sector.

4. Analyzing and making proposals to the Vice-Minister of Energy about the viability criteria for electric energy projects in order to assign budget resources.

5. Supervising projects and goals within the sector consistent with the general development plans and sector plans.

6. Supporting the Vice-Minister in order to carry out the procedures needed to enter into concession contracts related to generation, interconnection and transmission networks that carry electric energy between regions, according to the provisions of currently valid legal norms.

7. Issuing opinions on legal stability and free zones, related to the electric energy sector.

8. Preparing the necessary studies for establishing exclusive service areas for the domestic distribution of electric energy and entering into the respective contracts with providers chosen to supply service within said areas.

9. Evaluating, issuing technical opinions and supervising the Legal Stability Contracts for projects related to the generation, transmission and distribution of electric energy.

10. Reviewing and supervising the Indicative Plan for Coverage Expansion (PIECE) and the Referential Expansion Plan for Generation and Transmission.

11. Issuing technical and budget-related opinions to electric energy companies when currently valid regulations require budget approvals from the National Council of Tax Policy (CONFIS).

12. Supervising the Strategic Sector Plan, the Operational Plan and sector indexes as well as analyzing their results.

13. Coordinating the management committees of funds and financial support programs for the expansion and improvement of electrical public utility services.

14. Managing the assignment of budget resources to electrical infrastructure projects, preparing project data sheets, carrying out supervision, drafting liquidation documents and preparing payments corresponding to agreements for electrical infrastructure projects.

15. Preparing the budget for electric sector subsidies, managing their distribution and supervising their application.

16. Providing technical support to sector companies in order to solve any emerging conflicts related to subsidies and contributions.

17. Controlling and supervising the development of programs and projects involving electric energy that are carried out with resources from the General Budget of the Nation.

18. Collecting information on new technologies and management systems within the energy sector and spreading them to sector companies.

19. Supporting the Vice-Minister during sector committees related to the planning, application, operation and expansion of the sector.

20. Any other assigned duties