Vice-Minister of Energy


Rutty Paola OrtízRutty Paola Ortiz Jara

Vice-Minister of Energy

The Vice-Minister of Energy, Rutty Paola Ortiz Jara, was born in Bogota. She is a Lawyer and Economist from the Universidad de los Andes, with a specialization in Public Management and Administrative Institutions.

With over 15 years of experience in the public sector, she has served as the Deputy Manager of the Adaptation Fund, Delegated Superintendent for the National Health Superintendeny, Deputy Director of the National Department of Planning and of the Ministry of Finances and Public Credit.

As Vice-Minister of Energy, she will be responsible for matters concerning electricity and hydrocarbons, and her priority will be progressing towards electrical strengthening, including expansion plans, renewable energy projects and necessary system adjustments; she will lead the review of the current electrical institutions in order to guarantee energy supply and security, as well as facing the challenges related to the oil sector.


  • According to Decree 381 of 2012 and as modified by Decree 1617 of 2013:

Article 14. Office of the Vice-Minister of Energy. The duties of the Office of the Vice-Minister of Energy are:


1. Advising the Minister on the formulation of policies concerning electrical energy, hydrocarbons and biofuels.

2. Reviewing the evolution of the energy sector as well as proposing policies and actions for its growth.

3. Supporting the Minister to coordinate the application of sector policies by the affiliated and attached entities of the energy sector.

4. Advising the Minister for the analysis and evaluation of energy regulations.

5. Advising the Minister for preparing plans, programs and projects for developing the energy sector, consistent with national development plans and the policies of the National Government.

6. Advising the Minister regarding the issuing of sector regulations for the exploration, extraction, transportation, refining, distribution, processing, sale and export of hydrocarbons and biofuels.

7. Advising the Minister in order to determine the prices and fees for gasoline, diesel fuels (ACPM), biofuel and any combinations of the same..

8. Advising the Minister regarding the issuing of regulations concerning the generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity.

9. Advising the Minister in order to issue the resolutions for adopting the expansion plans for electric energy generation and transmission.

10. Advising the Minister in order to adopt the policies governing nuclear energy and radioactive materials.

11. Advising the Minister during his interactions with the Congress of the Republic and supervising any proceedings concerning the draft legislation related to energy sector activities.

12. Studying the periodic and occasional reports related to the energy sector from different Ministry offices and its affiliated or attached entities.

13. Presenting policy proposals to the Minister regarding subsidies and contributions with the sector of energy and hydrocarbons, as well as concerning the administration of the related funds.

14. Proposing technical regulations to the Minister that are related to the safety and rational use of processes and facilities that involve energy and hydrocarbons.

15. Presenting policy proposals and plans to the Minister for the widespread connection to domestic utility services that provide energy and gas.

16. Advising the Minister on the establishment of exclusive service areas for the domestic distribution of electricity and gas as well as the signing of the corresponding contracts with the chosen providers for supplying this service in said areas.

17. Coordinating the issuing of legal security opinions and free zones, related to the hydrocarbons and energy sector.

18. Studying mechanisms for promoting the Rational Energy Use (URE) projects presented by legal or natural persons with a private or public status, according to the guidelines of the Program for the Rational and Efficient Use of Energy and Non-Conventional Energy Sources (PROURE).

19. Promoting the use of non-conventional energy within the Program for the Rational and Efficient Use of Energy and any other non-conventional energy sources.

20. Any other assigned duties.

21. Promoting the application of the regulations and legislative framework as well as the treaties, accords and international agreements related to the energy sector and concerning nuclear safety, physical radiological protection and safeguards (modified by Decree 1617 of 2013).

22.Authorizing the issuing, modification, renewal or withdrawal of permits related to activities involving the safe management of radioactive and nuclear materials within the national territory (modified by Decree 1617 of 2013).

23. Authorizing planned inspections and control visits to facilities that make use of radioactive and nuclear materials, with a regular schedule established according to the inherent risks involved in the same (modified by Decree 1617 of 2013).