Vice-Minister of Mines


Carlos Andrés CanteCarlos Andrés Cante Puentes

Vice-Minister of Mines

Carlos Andrés Cante Puentes is the current Vice-Minister of Mines and he will focus on working to strengthening the mining sector, giving importance to the consolidation of projects that will be of regional benefit and which will continue boosting economic growth and post-conflict period programs.

He was born in Neiva, studied Economics at the Universidad Católica and specialized in Finances at the Universidad del Rosario. The Vice-Minister has also been awarded a Master's Degree in Government and Public Affairs from the Latin American School of Social Sciences (FLACSO) in Mexico. Likewise, he has also undertaken studies on Artisanal Gold Mining at the Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering of the British Columbia University in Vancouver, Canada; on Corporate Government at the Universidad de los Andes, and on National Defense at the Superior War School of the Ministry of Defense of Colombia. Cante Puentes has specialized in mining and energy affairs as well as in community development. He has considerable experience in public policies concerning mining rents and the development of programs and projects related to artisanal as well as small-scale mining activities

As Vice-Minister of Mines, he will strengthen local dialog in order to contribute to carrying out mining projects and initiatives; he will continue implementing Mining Formalization programs for small-scale miners by providing support intended to help improve their standards and practices. In addition, he will increase the positioning of the sector for the purpose of publicly highlighting the benefits that the mining industry contributes for the sake of national development and the consolidation of peace.

The professional record of Vice-Minister Cante has primarily been focused on the public sector on both a national and a regional level. At the regional legal, he has served as the Treasury Secretary of the Department of Huila. Likewise, he has assumed the positions of Director of Mines and Director of Mining Formalization at the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Advisor for Economic Affairs for the Office of the Minister of Mines and Energy and, more recently, Assistant Regional Manager in the Adaptation Fund of the Ministry of Finances and Public Credit. Within the academic sphere, he has participated as an associate researcher at the Norman B Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering at British Columbia University in Vancouver, Canada, regarding the topics of mining training and the coexistence between small-scale and large-scale mining activities.


  • According to Decree 381 of 2012:

Article 11. Office of the Vice-Minister of Mines: The duties of the Office of the Vice-Minister of Mines are:


1. Providing advice to the Minister regarding the formulation of policies and action plans concerning mining affairs, and supporting the performance of his duties in terms of directing, coordinating and control.

2. Reviewing the evolution of the mining sector as well as proposing policies and actions for promoting growth.

3. Promoting any management activities related to the signing of treaties, agreements and accords, enabling the development of the mining sector.

4. Supporting the Minister in order to coordinate the application of sector policies by affiliated and attached entities of the mining sector.

5. Presenting proposals to the Minister for policies, plans and strategies regarding the development of small-scale mining and the formalization of traditional, informal and artisanal mining activities.

6. Advising the Minister regarding policy design and strategies for promoting and developing medium-scale and large-scale mining.

7. Supporting the Minister during his interactions with the Congress of the Republic and supervising the proceedings for drafting legislation related to the mining sector.

8. Reviewing the periodic or occasional reports related to the mining sector that the different offices of the Ministry and its affiliated or attached entities must present to the Minister and providing any relevant comments.

9. Supporting the Minister in order to coordinate the application of sector policies by affiliated and attached sector entities.

10. Supporting the Minister during the international activities of the Ministry.

11. Any other assigned duties.