1. Citizen Attention Channels

This space is intended to provide different tools for addressing and carrying out interactions that involve the Ministry of Mines and Energy as well as the citizens and other interested parties. These channels will enable direct contact with the Entity and will make it easier to participate in the construction of different guidelines, policies and documents that have been made available in order to receive contributions and answer questions..


Ministry of Mines and Energy
Contact Points
Location Calle 43, 57-31 – Centro Administrativo Nacional Second Floor (see map)
Telephone (57)+1 2200 300
Transparency Line (57)+1 2200 377
National Toll Free Line 01 8000 910180 This line can be called from any location within the national territory at no cost.
Fax: (57)+ 1  220 0396
Institutional E-mail Address menergia@minminas.gov.co
E-mail Address for Legal Notices notijudiciales@minminas.gov.co
Radiological Emergency Telephone 317 366 27 93
Postal Code 111321
Hours of operation Monday to Friday from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM