Citizen Services

Dear Citizen:

The Ministry of Mines and Energy publishes the following documents to facilitate verification actions regarding the establishment of relations with citizens and other interested parties as well as concerning the exertion of social control to the management of the entity:


Anti-corruption Plan and Citizen Attention

This document is an instrument of the preventive sort for controlling the management of the entity. It includes four autonomous and independent components containing guidelines and its own normative support. The first component lays emphasis on the corruption-risk map, the second on the anti-formality strategy, the third on accountability actions, and the fourth on actions to be undertaken to render ever better services to citizens.

• Anti-corruption Matrix 2016 (in spanish)

• Anti-corruption Risk Map(in spanish)

Strategic Citizen Participation Plan and Accountability


The Ministry of Mines and Energy promotes high service standards for citizens so as to allow their participation in decision-making having to do with the mining-energetic sector. To this end, the entity implements ever more new actions and tools that facilitate an active role in the formulation of public policies, besides strengthening permanent interaction so as to satisfy needs in subjects related to the sector.

• Following up of the Strategic Plan 2015(in spanish)


Service Portfolio

This document provides citizens with the most relevant pieces of information concerning the Ministry of Mines and Energy as well as its adscribed and attached entities, conferring relevance to formalities and services rendered by each of them as well as to their different citizen attention channels.


For the sake of guaranteeing constitutional rights and complying with what was established by the Code for Administrative Procedure and Administrative Litigation issued through Law 1437 of 2011 and the commitments acquired in terms of providing quality service, the Ministry of Mines and Energy has issued and distributed the Dignified Treatment Letter, a document that specifies citizen rights and the available means to effectively guarantee them.

The following channels have been made available for citizen participation and the protection of citizen rights

Everyone is Part of the State, Let's Participate!

Citizen participation is a right that allows all people to request and demand that their initiatives produce the expected results. It is not based on a representative model, and therefore requires the direct participation of citizens and their community before the different authorities in charge of decision-making, control and oversight within the Ministry of Mines and Energy's management, without causing any harm to the entity's own autonomy.

The Citizen Services and Participation Group of the Ministry of Mines and Energy is the department responsible for implementing the necessary strategies for ensuring that all citizens and interested parties will be provided with timely and effective service, whenever they make use of citizen protection mechanisms or participate in requests for social accountability over the Entity's management.

In addition, the Group provides information related to the necessary procedures concerning rights of petition, writs for the protection of constitutional rights, writs of injunction, public interest and collective claims sent to the Entity. It also receives, directs and follows up those requests presented before the Ministry, providing guidance and information on the activities of the Ministry of Mines and Energy as well as those of the mining and energy sector.

The Library is part of the Citizen Services and Participation Group. An important and extensive collection of bibliographical material on the sector's activities is available. Interlibrary loans and exchange services are also provided.

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