The terms and conditions, contract invitations and documents published here are purely informative in nature. Their original records are kept by the administrative service group of the entity and can be reviewed by using the Unified Procurement Portal (in Spanish).

The Ministry of Mines and Energy informs community observers, interest groups, control entities and the general population of citizens about the information related to contracting processes undertaken by this entity, in accordance with Law 80 of 1993, Law 1150 of 2007, Decree 2464 of 2008 and any other additional norms and regulations.

The contracting processes held by the Ministry of Mines and Energy since August 18 of 2006, as well as those currently in progress and are worth more than 10% of the authorized minimum amount, as established by the budget allocated to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, can be reviewed using the official homepage of the Unified Procurement Portal.

The Unified Procurement Portal has been set up as part of the informative phase of the Electronic System for Public Contracting (SECOP), in accordance with what has been established by article 3 of Law 1150 from 2007 and Regulatory Decree 2474 of 2008.

It is an electronic system that provides access to information on contracting processes managed both by State entities subject to the contracting regime established by the General Statute for Contracting as well as those that voluntarily help to raise awareness about contracting activities.

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