Chief of the Direction of Entrepreneurial Mining


Pedro PericoPedro Enrique Perico Carvajal

Entrepreneurial Mining Direction


He is a Mining Engineer from the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, specialized in Risk Evaluation and Disaster Management at the Universidad de los Andes.

His wide experience includes working in public entities involving matters related to the Mining Sector.

He has worked with the Office of the Mayor of Bogota, the Office of the Governor of Cundinamarca and the National Mining Company (MINERCOL), now liquidated, where his last position was Regional Operational Manager. His involvement with the Ministry of Mines and Energy has included holding several positions over more than nine years.

During the last years he worked as Coordinator of Policies for the Improvement of Productivity and Competitiveness in the Mining Sector, as well as in Project Management under the same line.

In the past few years, he has worked as the Coordinator of productivity and competitiveness improvement policies for the mining sector as well as within the management of projects related to this same field.


  • According to Decree 381 of 2012 and modified by Decree 1617 of 2013:

Article 12. Office of the Director of Entrepreneurial Mining: The duties for the Office of the Director of Entrepreneurial Mining are:

1. Preparing and presenting to guidelines of the Vice-Minister of Mines for supporting the formulation and development of national policies on the proper exploitation of mining resources with respect to mining sector development.

2. Proposing mechanisms to the Vice-Minister of Mines for the coordination and implementation of the National Mining Development Plan in terms of its entrepreneurial mining contents.

3. Drafting plans, programs and entrepreneurial mining development projects, consistent with national development plans and National Government policy.

4. Supervising the Sector Strategic Plan, the Operational Plan and sector indexes as well as evaluating their results.

5. Drafting technical regulations on the exploration, extraction, processing, transformation and transportation of minerals that involve entrepreneurial mining.

6. Identifying the issues of entrepreneurial mining projects together with government entities on the national and regional scales.

7. Coordinating with different ministries and government entities in order to solve the issues concerning entrepreneurial mining.

8. Coordinating actions with executive branch entities at the national and regional levels as needed by the entrepreneurial mining sector with respect to the logistics and transport infrastructure of minerals and port capacity.

9. Providing advice to the Minister and Vice-Minister of Mines on the formulation and development of the promotion policy related to entrepreneurial mining activities.

10. Formulating, carrying out and evaluating the necessary investment projects for implementing the growth policy of the entrepreneurial mining sector.

11. Preparing and proposing resources for formulating and developing a policy for guaranteeing the safety of mining project areas within the entrepreneurial mining sector together with the Defense sector.

12. Designing and presenting mechanisms to the Vice-Minister of Mines related to signing agreements with private and public entities, national or foreign, in order to develop activities related to entrepreneurial mining as well as its supervision.

13. Designing and promoting guidelines for the formulation of mining safety and hygiene policies related to entrepreneurial mining activities.

14. Implementing programs and actions in order to help entrepreneurial mining activities support the development of mining formulation.

15. Setting the boundaries and suggesting the declaration of National Security Areas according to the provisions of the Mining Code.

16. Any other assigned duties.

17. Supervising compliance with obligations derived from mining title auditing processes and subsoil geological knowledge, as long as these have not been delegated to other entities. (modified by Decreed 1617 of 2013)