Solidarity Fund for Subsidies and Income Redistribution – FSSRI

The National Government created the Solidarity Fund for Subsidies and Income Redistribution (FSSRI) through Law 142 of 1994 and Law 286 of 1996, as a fund intended to manage and distribute resources assigned by the National Budget and / or from the fund itself, designated to cover the cost of subsidies for electrical energy and fuel gas services distributed by physical networks to low-income users.

The FSSRI is governed by Decree 847 of 2001 and Decree 201 of 2004, which have regulated Law 142 and Law 286, establishing liquidation, collection, recovery and, management procedures for subsides and solidarity contributions with respect to how electric energy and gas services are handled.

In order to validate and recognize deficits or surpluses, depending on the circumstances, service providers must carry out and submit to the Fund their subsidy settlements and contributions on a quarterly basis according to the published methodology.

Instructions and Forms.

According to Laws 142 and 143 as well as the Decrees 847 of 2001 and 201 of 2004, the Ministry of Mines and Energy through the Solidarity Fund for Subsidies and Income Redistribution (FSSRI) has established the forms used by companies to file quarterly reports in order to collect information, liquidate and verify quarterly settlements regarding granted subsidies and billed contributions within the electrical sector.

Projections for Subsidies and Contributions 

Electrical sector companies must make annual estimates for the subsidies they grant and the contributions they intend to submit invoices for (and receive from other dealers) during the following year, submitted them no later than the last week of April in compliance with Decree 847 of 2001.