General Secretary

Pablo Cardena Rey


  • According to Decree 381 of 2012 and modified by Decree 2881 of 2013:

Article 17. Office of the General Secretary: The duties for the Office of the General Secretary are:


1. Providing advice to the Minister during the formulation of policies, norms and procedures for managing human, physical, economic, financial and computer resources within the Ministry.

2. Participating in the execution of the Strategic Institutional Plan concerning matters of its jurisdiction, as well as formulating and implementing the action plans required.

3. Directing management activities involving personnel, industrial safety and staff labor relations, according to the Ministry's policies and the currently valid legal regulations on the subject.

4. Directing and controlling the administrative and financial processes of the institution on all levels.

5. Directing, coordinating and controlling all the contracting processes in the Ministry during the pre-contractual, contractual and post-contractual phases, as well as the contracts and agreements that the Ministry must sign or propose (modified by Decree 2881 of 2013).

6. Proposing policies, plans, programs and any other actions related to the financial and budgetary management of the institution.

7. Directing the design, implementation and subversion of the citizen participation mechanisms that the Ministry of Mines and Energy must put in practice according to the laws.

8. Proposing the adoption of policies for properly managing and protecting the system information of the Ministry and promoting the development and implementation of system programs.

9. Exercising disciplinary functions and applying the procedures according to the provisions, powers and jurisdictions established by disciplinary law.

10. Studying and issuing the first ruling during the disciplinary processes against the current and former public servants of the Ministry. Proposing corrections, preventive actions and participating in the formulation of programs for providing training and spreading information about the disciplinary regime.

11. Coordinating the duties related to managing the jurisdiction over summary proceedings.

12. Any other assigned duties and those which correspond to the nature of the office.