Ministerio de Minas y EnergíaThe Ministry of Mines and Energy was created as a result of the Second World War (1939-1945), in a time of international conflict where economic problems had a direct impact on the progress of Colombia. In light of this situation, the National Government designed a plan for the defense and promotion of existing industries, seeking to make proper use of natural resources and develop other production sources.

Decree 968 from May 18th of 1940 established the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum for the first time and also modified the organizational structure of the Ministry of National Economy. Over the following years, the Ministry was restructured by Decree 0464 of 1951, Decree 0481 of 1952 and Decree 636 from April 10th of 1974, which changed the name of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum and made it known as the Ministry of Mines and Energy. Other structural modifications were made by Decree 2119 from December 29th of 1992, Decree 0070 of 2001, Decree 520 of 2003, Decree 0381 from February 16th of 2012 and Decree 1617 of July 30th of 2013.

For the sake of establishing a new institutional framework, the reorganization of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum became an essential goal. Law 2 of 1973 had given the executive branch the necessary authority to reorganize the mining and energy sector, granting the National Government the indispensable means and elements for properly complying with its duties concerning the promotion and optimal development of the renewable and non-renewable natural resources that constitute the energy supply of the country.

Throughout all of these years, many different individuals have contributed to the actions of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, creating a solid base of human and technical talent that has worked together in order to support the growth and development of the most important sector of the national economy.