Human Resource Management

Within the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the Office of the Deputy Director for Human Resources is responsible for managing different activities and processes related to hiring, administrating and retiring entity personnel. Among its tasks are updating the job description manual, formulating and supervising the occupational health plan, presenting proposals for determining staff personnel, reviewing and adjusting instruments for the evaluation of performance as well as the formulation and verification of training plans.

Job Description Manual

Decretos y Resoluciones

(Staff Personnel Structure – Internal Work Groups)

Plans and Programs

Management Agreements

Management Agreements refer to the establishment of a written and signed connection between an immediate superior and the respective public manager, for the sake of determining commitments and results in the face of entity objectives, mission and vision. It is agreed upon for a set period of time and includes the definition of indicators used for evaluation (Taken from the Methodological Guide for Elaborating a Management Agreement, (in Spanish) 2012, DAFP).

Follow-up: Article 107 of Decree 1227 from 2005 stipulates that agreed commitments must receive permanent follow-up, for which there must be written evidence concerning its most important aspects in order to support evaluation. Given the close relation between management agreements and institutional planning, it would be convenient to modify follow-up activities in order to coincide with the dates and conditions for following up on said planning (taken from the DAFP webpage).

Evaluation: Upon the conclusion of the term of an Agreement, there will be an assessment in order to determine and analyze the percentage of achievement with respect to commitment compliance as well as the results achieved by a public manager, based on the indicators established and concerning the operational or management plans for the department he leads (Taken from the Methodological Guide for Elaborating a Management Agreement, (in Spanish) 2012, DAFP).

Management Agreement Term: The management agreement must be negotiated for a yearly term that coincides with the periods for programming and evaluation periods of institutional planning (Article 103 of Decree 1227 from 2005) (in Spanish).

For the 2014 period, 100% of the management agreements have been signed by Ministry directors.