Human Rights

The Ministry of Mines and Energy provides services to all citizens, and that is the reason why it promotes their rights.

Human Rights

The Political Constitution of Colombia is the supreme law, containing all the guiding principles of the legal order, enshrining the rights, duties and guarantees of citizens, as well as the institutions that are responsible for making them valid.

Human Rights are values for coexistence based on human dignity, reason and justice. They are conditions, prerogatives and attributions that belong to us due to our personhood.

Fundamental Rights are divided into three groups:

First generation rights

  • The right to life and the right to personal integrity. It includes the prohibition of torture and cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment and punishment as well as the prohibition of forced disappearance.
  • The right to freedom of conscience, expression, organization and mobilization.
  • The right to equality, good name, privacy and procedural guarantees.

Second generation rights

Contains social, economic and cultural rights. There are 35 rights that aim to promote conditions of social and economic welfare, guaranteeing the quality and dignity of life both individually and collectively, as well as recognizing labor and cultural guarantees.

Includes collective and environmental rights. These are the rights of society to have a healthy environment. Their ecological content guarantees the continuity of the human species and its protection from scientific abuses and overreach.

Duties and responsibilities of citizens

The citizen also has duties and responsibilities for the State, such as: Respecting the Constitution and the law; respecting the rights of others and not abusing one's rights: respecting and supporting the authorities; participating in the political, civic and communitarian life of the country; promoting the achievement and upkeep of Peace: collaborating for the good performance of justice; protecting the cultural and natural resources of the national territory and promoting the conservation of a healthy environment (Article 95 of the Political Constitution of Colombia).