IAEA Coordinated Research Activities 2013

One of the responsibilities of the IAEA is to promote and facilitate the research, development and practical application of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Based on the international organization's Letter to Member States, the Ministry of Mines and Energy has informed Colombian research institutions that there is an opportunity to participate in research projects coordinated by the IAEA within the framework of investigation, technical and doctorate-class contracts as well as research agreements.

Any institutions interested in proposing research and development projects related to the topics described by the IAEA must follow the guidelines established in the document titled IAEA Coordinated Research Activities in 2013. After each proposal is approved, an investigation, technical or doctorate-class contract or a research agreement for the partner institution will be granted.

As indicated under Section 1.4 of the IAEA document, the proposed project (or projects) will be reported to the head of the research institution, as well as the Colombian government, for approval and signing of the agreement or contract.