The Mines department of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, led by the Vice-Minister of Mines, is responsible for managing the policies related to the activities involved in the exploration and extraction of Colombian mining potential, which enables the export of a wide variety of minerals whose exploitation produces resources that can be used for the benefit of the nation and its citizens.

Within the structure of the ministry, this department has been divided into two offices:

The Office of the Director of Mining Formalization is in charge of formulating and conceptualizing policies as well as guidelines that will promote the formal development of Mining Production Units working under the protection of a title, stimulating compliance with technical, environmental, economical, labor and social parameters through a set of integrated efforts undertaken with other Government entities.

The Office of the Director of Entrepreneurial Mining is in charge of preparing and proposing guidelines and policies for carrying out entrepreneurial mining operations in compliance with all the different standards and regulations applicable to the sector, aiming to become an axis of articulation for the sake of leading and coordinating on behalf of the public sector the process of providing answers to different sector issues, acting within a framework of social, technical and environmental responsibility.