Mining Formalization Policy

The Ministry of Mines and Energy has adopted, through Resolution 90719 of July 08th of 2014 (in Spanish), the National Policy for Mining Formalization in Colombia.

The great transformations experienced by the mining sector within the last few years have forced a rethinking of the institutional framework for the sector, as the high prices of minerals, together with the national policies for investment and investment attraction, have introduced a dynamic into the industry that has seen the successive increase of various indicators including titling, areas contracted, applications, mineral reserves, production, exports, foreign investment and national consumption.

This dynamic has brought new challenges to the sector, which has seen the historic issues of mining informality, primarily associated to small and medium scale mining, has grown and the State's ability to react has been compromised, requiring institutions to engage in the formulation and implementation of a public policy for mining formalization in Colombia, through the implementation of strategies directed to making the industry more competitive and productive, with an element of equity as requested by mining regions, in such a way that these activities contribute to the extraction of minerals under proper technical, environmental, economic, labor and social parameters, which will be able to improve the governance and administration of the sector as a result of a strong institutional articulation in addition to improving the management of national mining resources, for the sole purpose of allowing their monetization to contribute to the generation of well-being for the population by reducing poverty through a far distribution of the national mining wealth.

This policy is focused on the production of tools for supporting informal miners, preferably on a small and medium scale. With assistance from the State, its implementation will allow their activities to be formalized. The policy consists of a first chapter on background information, which includes both normative and institutional precedents. The second chapter proposes a conceptual policy framework, consisting of an international review of formalization processes in five countries and approaches the concept of formal mining in Colombia. The third chapter proposes a medium and long term perspective for the Policy, drafted with the participation of mining communities and other parties involved in the sector, through the opening of spaces for citizen participation, including: workshops and discussion groups with mining communities and different parties. The fourth chapter presents a diagnosis, which was based on mining formalization statistics and on the results of the workshops carried out with the various parties, in order to determine the central problem and problems areas that will be addressed within the framework of the National Policy. The fifth chapter relates the strategic policy lines through which solutions to the problem have been proposed, through the implementation of an Action Plan and following up on established indicators in the sixth chapter of the Policy.

The implementation of the Policy nationwide will be the responsibility of the Office of the Director of Mining Formalization.

National Policy for Mining Formalization in Colombia document (in Spanish).