Mission and Vision


Our Mission

"Formulating and adopting policies seeking the sustainable use of mining and energy resources in order to contribute to the social and economic development of this country."


Our Vision

The Ministry of Mines and Energy shall be acknowledged due to the formulation of policies that guarantee the efficient use and development of mining and energy resources in Colombia, as well as of its extraction, supply and export of surplus, by working with efficiency, innovation, quality management and promotion of both social and environmental responsibility.


Quality Policy

The Ministry of Mines and Energy has established its commitment to the sustainable use of mining and energy resources throughout the national territory by formulating and adopting policies, regulations and guidelines that fulfill the needs of citizens as well as interested parties, and by complying with constitutional, legal and regulatory requirements.

For compliance purposes, the entity has competent human talent, processes and recourses as determined by the Quality Management System in order to enable the continuous improvement of the ministry in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and efficacy.

Quality Objectives

  1. Formulating and adopting in a timely manner policies, plans, programs, projects, regulations and guidelines for the mining and energy sector, according to directives from the National Government.
  2. Efficiently addressing requirements from citizens, the industry and interested parties, for the sake of the development and strengthening of the mining and energy sector nationwide.
  3. Strengthening the skills and development of Public Servants, in order to improve their performance and compliance concerning the products and/or services provided by the entity.
  4. Guaranteeing the efficient and timely management of financial, administrative and technological resources for complying with the goals of the entity by using criteria for austerity and transparency.  
  5. Securing the functionality and performance of the management system in order to achieve an ongoing improvement of entity processes by using criteria for efficacy, efficiency and effectiveness.