National Projects 2016–2017 Cycle

The Ministry of Mines and Energy, acting as the national liaison office with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), invites institutions interested in participating in the proposal submission process for technical cooperation projects in areas related to the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. The proposed projects must be prepared in accordance with the central criteria for Technical Cooperation established by the Technical Cooperation Strategy (GOV/INF/2002/8/Mod.1): they are framed "within a sphere of genuine necessity, where a national program enjoying the firm government support and commitment exists." The establishment of associations with other entities that may contribute to the proposed projects has been encouraged in order to act along these lines as soon as possible.

For the 2016-2017 cycle, the projects have been categorized according to the directives established by the IAEA, as follows:

Category A: Complex or large-scale projects, generally intended for carrying out infrastructure and capacity development in the nuclear sector involving, perhaps, a significant component made up of equipment purchases as well as human resources.

Category B: Simple or small-scale projects, generally intended for carrying out a viability/planning study or mainly consisting of a human resources component (training) in order to address pending needs or deficiencies and which contribute to previous projects or specific activities. Project concepts will be received in the electronic inbox of the Nuclear Affairs Group of the Ministry of Mines and Energy:, making use of the format that the IAEA has provided for said purpose.

Project concepts will be received until April 23rd of 2014 at the previously described e-mail inbox address. Afterwards, according to what has been established by Resolution 181737 of 2008, the Committee for project selection and prioritization will meet to choose those that will be submitted for IAEA approval.

For any additional information requests, please contact us at:

Ministry of Mines and Energy
Nuclear Affairs Group
Calle 43 # 57-31, CAN, Bogotá D.C.
Telephone: +57-1 2200320, 2200300 ext. 2490