Nuclear Affairs

Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy

Through Decree No. 0381 of 2012, the National Government gave authority to the Ministry of Mines and Energy over the national policy on nuclear energy and radioactive materials. In addition, it was also tasked with issuing the norms and regulations for the safe management of nuclear and radioactive materials within the national territory. The same Decree also gave it the responsibility for fulfilling safeguard commitments established in international agreements ratified by the country, updating the national accounting and registration system for nuclear materials and promoting compliance with international standards and agreements in all matters related to the peaceful uses of nuclear energy

Consequently, the Ministry of Mines and Energy became what is known internationally as the Nuclear Regulatory Authority for Colombia.

The development and implementation of these functions has been assigned to the Vice-Ministry of Energy and specifically to the Nuclear Affairs Group. This last department also serves as a national liaison office with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in all aspects concerning technical cooperation for the peaceful applications of atomic energy.