Office of International Planning and Management


Jorge CuencaJorge Cuenca Osorio
Chief of the International Planning and Management Office

Economist from the Universidad Externado de Colombia, Specialist in Government and Public Policies of the Universidad de los Andes, MBA with emphasis on Finance from the Universidad Sergio Arboleda, Studies in the International Administration Program of Georgetown University as well as in the program of Energetic Development and Social Inclusion of the Latin American Energy Association (OLADE, Spanish acronym.)

Working experience in both public and private sectors as financial analyst, consultant (financial, economic, planning and technical,) and as Assistant Director for Projects; his experience also spans over the banking, public utilities, education, and citizen security sectors.

Academic experience at the Universidad Central, teaching the courses of Economy Foundations, Consumption Techniques, and Economic Doctrines.

The last position held was at the Unit of Mining Energetic Planning (UPME, Spanish acronym) where he assumed responsibility for evaluation of energetic projects, conformed and led regional work teams, and articulated different actors for implementing Sustainable Rural Electrification Plans (PERS, Spanish acronym;) he also participated in the elaboration of the National Energetic Plan (PEN:) "Ideario Energético 2050."


  • According to Decree 381 of 2012:

Article 9. Office of Planning and International Management: The duties for the Office of Planning and International Management are:

1. Advising the offices of the Ministry on the formulation, evaluation and application of sector policy.

2. Guaranteeing consistency between sector policy and the budget of the Ministry.

3. Designing and coordinating the global planning process for the sector within the economic and administrative spheres.

4. Preparing the sector policy component of the National Development Plan in coordination with Ministry offices and sector entities.

5. Preparing, following the National Development Plan and coordinating with attached as well as affiliated entities, the sector development plan and the operational plan, which will be presented to the Minister for its approval and adoption.

6. Controlling and periodically evaluating the application and compliance with plans, programs and projects from sector entities, proposing any necessary adjustments.

7. Preparing, in coordination with Ministry offices, the draft budget project and budgetary schedule of the Ministry as well as coordinating the preparation of draft projects for sector budgets including the preparation and presentation of the medium term spending framework.

8. Designing, publicizing and providing advice on methodologies for the elaboration, consolidation and supervision of the Strategy Plan of the Ministry of Mines and Energy as well as presenting progress reports according to the Ministry procedures for said purpose.

9. Analyzing and enabling investment projects within the sector.

10. Preparing studies and presenting proposals for the organization and administrative development, simplification, speeding up and modernization of procedures and proceedings.

11. Coordinating and managing the Quality Management System of the Ministry.

12. Providing advice to other offices in order to prepare manuals for the procedures and processes of the Ministry.

13. Supporting the Offices of the Minister, Vice-Ministers and General Secretary during the formulation and definition of international policy regarding the affairs of the Ministry and the Sector.

14. Keeping the Historical Records of the Ministry that deal with treaties, memorandums of understanding, cooperation agreements and any other documents involving the international jurisdiction and cooperation issues.

15. Coordinating the prioritization of the international and cooperation agenda of the Ministry with the offices of the directors.

16. Coordinating the signing of cooperation agreements with other countries and supervising the resulting commitments.

17. Any other assigned duties.

18. Managing the budgetary modifications of the Ministry and the attached entities of the sector before the National Planning Department. (modified by Decree 1617 of 2013)