Personal Dosimetry Services

Companies Authorized to Provide Personal Dosimetry Services in Colombia

The following list presents in alphabetical order the companies that have obtained a license from the Nuclear Regulatory Authority in order to provide personal Dosimetry services within Colombian territory:

No. Company Technology Legal Representative Address City Telephone Contact
1 ASPROMÉDICA Film Germán Ramírez Contreras Carrera 43 No. 5C-82 Cali - Valle (2)5532444
2 BENOMA SCIENTIFIC S.A.S TLD Gustavo Adolfo Carreño Gómez Carrera 68H No. 77-22 Bogotá D.C. (1)6241726
3 CARE DOSIMETRY S.A.S. TLD Gerardo Martínez Velásquez Calle 13A No. 100-35, Of. 309 Cali - Valle (2)3975126
4 DOSIMETRÍA PERSONAL LTDA Film Sergio Zuleta Aguirre Carrera 43 No. 50-51 Of. 204 Medellín - Antioquia (4)5761320
5 DOSIMETRIX INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES LTDA OSL, TLD Mauricio Cardona Rodríguez Calle 103 No. 45A-11 Bogotá D.C. (1)5337354
6 PRDOSIMETRÍA LTDA Film Pedro Nel Ramírez Ramírez Carrera 38A No. 25A–16 Bogotá D.C. (1)2686093
7 RADICONTROL DOSIMÉTRICO LTDA Film and TLD Víctor Mauricio Herrera Galindo Carrera 46 No. 61-51, Of 201 Barranquilla - Atlántico (5)3604730
8 RADPROCT LTDA Film and TLD Lina Adriana Pulido Rodríguez Carrera 14 No. 87-60 Bogotá D.C. (1)2368554
9 SELIG DE COLOMBIA LTDA Film and TLD Allan Alberto Erazo Rodríguez Carrera 69 No. 78-40 Bogotá D.C. (1)4902000
10 SIEVERT S.A.S. TLD Pablo Giraldo Giraldo Carrera 48 No. 10-45, Of.1021. CC Monterrey Medellín - Antioquia (4)3116065

Source: Office of Nuclear Affairs – Ministry of Mines and Energy