Policy for Promoting Colombia as a Mining Country

Among the state's policies and directives for the mining sector, as part of its role as a promoter of mining activities, the Colombian state aims to carry out the promotion and insertion of the mining country within the international context, based on Colombia's favorable natural conditions and on the changes made to its regulations and institutional structure in order to match the conditions of the other Latin American nations.

In addition to official actions for the promotion of investment in the country, the promotional strategy must foster the mining development opportunities provided by the Mining Code.

That is why the Mining Policy Advisory Council recommended and approved, during its June 2005 session, a set of sector policy guidelines that, as specified in their line 2, highlight the promotion of mining activities as one of the roles which must be fulfilled by the Colombian state, through three courses of action: promotion and insertion of Colombia into the International context as a mining country, increasing the productivity and competitiveness of mining activities and implementing territorial organization.