Public Accountability

With the implementation of the 1991 Constitution, Colombia overcame its status as a representative democracy and instead became a participatory democracy. In that sense, participation has become a public policy instrument for achieving the harmonious development of society as a whole. In fact, the Constitution itself, in article 74, establishes that each of the actions of the state must be documented so every citizen can gain access to pertinent information.

Public accountability is an expression of social control consisting of actions such as requests for information and explanations, in addition to evaluating the management (CONPES 3654 of 2010 and Law 1757 of 2015).

For the sake of making our activity visible in a permanent manner and adopting the principles of Good Government, efficiency, effectiveness and transparency, we aim to carry out public accountability before the citizens through the inclusion of three (3) basic elements:


Elementos de la Rendición de Cuentas

Public accountability is a Right of the Citizenry, as all individuals have the right to:

  1. Exercising control over the acts of government.
  2. Receiving accountability reports from public officials.
  3. Requesting the respective sanctions whenever it is established that the above do not correspond to the obligations of public entities, have resulted in the violation of rights or have caused harm to public property 

Public accountability is an obligation of the State

Public accountability is an obligation for the State, consisting of the act of publicly communicating the relevance, legality and effectiveness of the efforts performed during the exercise of public duties. Accountability actions allow individuals to exercise their right to carry out oversight and present claims regarding the direction and activities of the rulers and officials who have temporarily been assigned, under the provisions of the Constitution and the Law, the power to direct public affairs.

Channels for Citizen Service and Dialogue

The Ministry of Mines and Energy offers various channels to citizens in order to address their concerns, comments, and suggestions in order to maintain a dialogue that enables the exercise of the right to social control and receive management feedback. 

Que és Audiencia Pública What is a Public Accountability Hearing?

  • It is a participation mechanism that allows citizens to exercise their right to the social control of public management.
  • This mechanism, as provided by Law 489 of 1998, promotes the response of the sovereign administration to citizens due to the duties and obligations assigned to the entities by the Constitution and the laws, providing the opportunity to control the exercise of the executive power.
  • During the accountability process of public management, several topics of general interest are addressed, and it is space for defending public interest on behalf of the citizens as well as the proper stage for the entity to present reports and explain the results of their assigned activities in addition to submitting to social control.