Resource Management Policy

The Ministry of Mines and Energy considers that one of the fundamentals of the national Mining Policy is the optimization of mining support processes, understood as those concerning the administration of mining resources.

In this sense, the management of mining resources should be carried out according to criteria for efficiency, effectiveness and efficacy, which means that contract response times must follow the best known standards. At the same time, and in accordance with the philosophy of Law 685 of 2001, where it is indicated that the Colombian state must promote, facilitate and oversee the mining sector, the Mining Policy Advisory Council, presided by the Minister of Mines and Energy, approved the state policy guidelines for the mining sector during its June 13th of 2005 session. One of these guidelines is the State's role as the Supervisor of mining activities, which considers as its essential aspect the implementation of effective and comprehensive oversight processes over said mining activities.

As a result of this, there must be a larger presence of the State, through the administration of mining resources, in order to determine the real conditions under which mining production activities are being carried out, prevent the evasion of royalty payments, guarantee that production activities are undertaken in a technical manner and with the rational use of mining resources, under acceptable mining safety and hygiene conditions, and making sure that said activities are carried out within the licensed area.

This document reflects the criteria by which a Departmental Government or department capital may qualify for receiving the status of mining delegate from the Ministry of Mines and Energy for the management of mining resources within its jurisdiction, indicating what are the minimum obligations that must be fulfilled, how the Ministry of Mines and Energy will support the exercise of said functions and when the responsibilities delegated by the Ministry of Mines and Energy must be taken back.