Sector Policies

The policies presented in this document reflect government actions in three key areas: the need to position Colombia as a priority destination for mining investment through the "Policy of Promoting Colombia as a Mining Country," strengthening mining institutions to provide proper service to users through the "Policy of Mining Resources Management," recognizing the existence of local small-scale mining operations in the country that require additional support from the government in order to meet business and economic requirements for the purpose of achieving adequate levels of industrial safety, and using the "Policy of Mining Sector Productivity and Competitiveness Improvement" to provide the formalization and sustainability required by this sector.

In the meanwhile, the policy of mining resources management aspires to optimize supporting procedures for mining operations. In this sense, it intends to make the management of mining resources take place under criteria of efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness, which requires contract response times that will follow known standards and the existence of a greater level of monitoring over compliance with the obligations of mining title holders.

The policy of promoting Colombia as a mining country aims to increase the participation of mining investors in the country, including both junior companies and promoters of mining projects such as conglomerates and traditional mining companies capable of attracting technological resources as well as national and foreign capital for developing the sector and providing greater added value to the chain of production.

Finally, we have the policy of productivity and competitiveness improvement. This policy intends to improve the social profitability of the mining industry, based on extraction activities that follow the best practices, generate employment, carry out their operations with high levels of industrial safety and occupational health and guarantee that small-scale miners will have enough economic surpluses to increase their quality of life. This policy is also expected to boost the state's efforts in terms of increasing the productivity and competitiveness of existing legal traditional mining operations throughout the country, by at least 30% over the next four years, through the technological and entrepreneurial modernization of these mining operations as well as by expanding and diversifying the presence of mining products in international markets.

These policies should guide the positioning of the country's productive apparatus based on a developed mining industry and with the best practices that will generate benefits for society.

The Ministry thanks all government and private sector entities for their valuable input in preparing this document, which outlines the final formulation of all our objectives.