Special Funds

The Ministry of Mines and Energy has undertaken several infrastructure projects for different regions of the country through the Special Fund's Development Fee and the National Royalties Fund, as part of the fuel gas expansion policy, thus increasing the population benefitting from this important energy resource.
The Special Fund's Development Fee was created by article 15 of Law 401 of 1997, modified by Law 887 of 2004 and Law 1151 of 2007. The Fund has no independent legal status and is managed by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, incorporating resources from the three percent (3.0%) Development Fee on the value of the rate charged for gas that has been effectively transported, which is paid by all the distributors included in the National Transportation System of Natural Gas.
Its purpose is to promote and jointly finance projects oriented towards the development of infrastructure for the use of natural gas in municipalities and the rural sector, prioritizing the zones of influence corresponding to the main gas pipelines and those having the highest index of Unsatisfied Basic Needs.

The Special Fund's Development Fee

  • Projects Under Execution Delegated To Ecogas

Through Resolution 181896 of October 2009, the Ministry of Mines and Energy extended the delegation of certain functions to ECOGAS. The following link includes a list of projects under ECOGAS supervision.

FECF Projects Delegated To Ecogas - February 2010

  • FECF-MME Projects Currently Being Carried Out

According to what was enacted through Law 1151 of 2007, the responsibility for administrating the FECF was assigned to the Ministry of Mines and Energy starting from January 2008. During the period and meant for execution throughout 2008, 2009 and 2010, the MME approved 18 natural gas infrastructure projects for different regions of the country. A list of these projects has been made available through the following link.

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National Royalties Fund

  • What is a National Royalties Fund?

It is a fund created by the Political Constitution of 1991, which receives all the income from royalties that has not been directly assigned to departments and municipalities. The National Royalties Fund finances or cofinances fuel gas distribution projects. Applications can be presented on behalf of natural