Strategic Thinking

The Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Mines and Energy includes the key actions that the Entity expects to carry out through its Main and Support departments. The Plan exists within the framework of what the National Government has established for the mining and energy sector in its National Development Plan - "Prosperity for All."

The Strategic Plan consists of two parts: the first, known as "Strategic Thinking," contains the Mission, Vision, Strategic Objectives and the subject of quality. The second part consists of the Action Plan, which contains the main activities that will be carried out by each organizational department during the current fiscal period, including their respective Objectives and Processes within the Process Map, designed under the guidelines of the Quality Management System. The Strategic Plan can be accessed through official webpage of the Ministry and/or through the Planning and International Management Office.

Ministry of Mines and Energy


"Formulating and adopting policies directed towards the sustainable use of mining and energy resources in order to contribute to the economic and social development of this country."


The Ministry of Mines and Energy will be praised for the formulation of policies that guarantee the efficient use and development of mining and energy resources in Colombia, including the extraction, supply and export of surpluses, by working with efficiency, innovation, quality management and promoting social as well as environmental responsibility

Strategic Objectives

  1. Guaranteeing the supply of hydrocarbons and electric energy
  2. Creating an institutional framework and mechanisms that guarantee responsible and competitive mining operations
  3. Expanding access to gas and electric energy services among the most vulnerable populations
  4. Promoting regional energy integration

Quality Policy

The Ministry of Mines and Energy has established its commitment to the sustainable use of mining and energy resources within the national territory through the formulation and adoption of policies, regulations and guidelines that satisfy the needs of citizens and interested parties as well as compliance with the legal, constitutional and regulatory requirements.

For the sake of achieving compliance, the entity has competent human talent as well as the resources and processes determined in the Quality Management System in order to promote the continuous improvement of the ministry in terms of its effectiveness, efficiency and efficacy.

Quality Objectives
  1. Formulating and adopting policies, plans, programs, projects, regulations and norms for the mining and energy sector on a timely basis, consistent with the instructions of the National Government.
  2. Efficiently addressing requests from citizens, industry and interested parties, for the development and strengthening of the mining and energy sector on a national scale.
  3. Strengthening the competence and development of Public Servants, in order to improve their performance as well as the approval of products and/or services provided by the entity.
  4. Guaranteeing the efficient and timely management of financial, administrative and technological resources for complying with the purposes of the entity by making use of criteria for transparency and austerity.
  5. Guaranteeing the operation and performance of the management system for the sake of achieving continuous improvement of entity processes by making use of criteria for efficacy, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Process Map

This map contains the strategic, main, support, special and control and evaluation processes of the entity. "Developing and Living Values During Work Constitutes the Very Nature of Our Entity"