Subdirection of Human Talent

Katy Minerva Toledo Mena
Chief of the Sub-direction of Human Talent

Psychologist from the Universidad de San Buenaventura, with a Specialization Degree in Administration of Total Quality and Productivity granted by the Universidad del Valle.

Ample experience in the public sector, particularly in positions related to the Direction of Human Talent. She worked for over 10 years with the National Planning Department (DNP, Spanish acronym,) afterwards, she held the position of Administrative Sub-director at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and during the last three years she was in charge of the Direction of the Human Talent Area at the Administrative Department of the Presidency of the Republic.


  • According to Decree 381 of 2012 and modified by Decree 1617 of 2013:

Article 19. Deputy Director of Human Resources: The duties for the Office of the Director of Human Resources are:


1. Leading the management processes that involve Human Resources in terms of its planning, management and development.

2. Supporting the General Secretary with the necessary conceptual and technical elements for the formulation and evaluation of policies, plans, programs and strategies for the management and forecasting of human resources in the Ministry.

3. Formulating, carrying out and evaluating strategic plans and programs for managing human resources in terms of the entry, continuity, and retirement of Ministry staff, consistent with currently valid legal norms.

4. Designing and implementing the annual plan for Ministry vacancies intended for the Administrative Department of Public Service.

5. Establishing profiles for the job vacancies that need to be fulfilled. 6. Designing and administrating programs for training and education, according to the laws and the National Plan for Training and Education.

7. Organizing and administrating a systematic record of the Ministry's human resources in order to enable the formulation of internal programs and decision-making processes. This information will be administrated according to the guidelines and requests from the Administrative Department of Public Service.

8. Implementing the performance evaluation system within the Ministry, according to currently valid norms and the procedures of the National Civil Service Commission.

9. Supporting the administration of the Special Scholarship Fund of the Ministry of Mines and Energy according to the currently valid regulations for said goal.

10. Coordinating and controlling the application of industrial safety and occupational health regulations. 11. Designing and putting in practice programs, together with other national and regional administrative sector entities, for social welfare and incentives, which may involve signing agreements or accords between institutions.

12. Administrating, recognizing and paying the pension obligations corresponding to former companies with pension liabilities or supervising the institutional agreements signed for this purpose.

13. Supporting through documentation the preparation of actuarial calculations for liquidated entities and periodically reporting on any news involving pension payrolls corresponding to the national public pension fund (FOPEP).

14. Certifying the work history of former employees from liquidated entities of the mining and energy sectors that remain under the responsibility of the Ministry, for the purpose of undertaking pension-related procedures.

15. Supporting and providing technical assistance, through the necessary documentation for addressing judicial procedures against the Ministry concerning labor or pension matters. (modified by Decree 1617 of 2013).

16. Complying with judicial rulings, settling court decisions and drafting administrative acts.

17. Any other duties assigned by the law, regulations or the functions manual.

18. Protecting, systematizing and keeping track of updates for the work histories of Ministry staff. (modified by Decree 1617 of 2013)