Training with the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)

Forms for IAEA Training

In this section you will find the forms that must be filled out for presenting an application or nomination to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as a national consultant, scholarship holder, visiting scientist or training course participant

Participation in workshops/meetings and as national consultant 

The IAEA organizes meetings/workshops within the framework of its technical cooperation program and also organizes missions of individuals (national consultants) to IAEA headquarters or elsewhere from states that are cooperation recipients. The purpose of this approach is working on the establishment of recommendations and advice or carrying out the analysis of particular aspects of a given project or specific program areas. Invitations from the IAEA are required for participating as a national consultant.

Scholarship holder

Scholarships may be granted as part of a technical cooperation project or on an individual basis as a direct contribution to the development of human resources for the nuclear sector. They are usually approved for periods longer than four weeks and are available for university graduates or their equivalent as well as for those applying at a technical level. They are subject to the availability of funds, candidate grades including language proficiency and any requirements previously stated by the country.

Visiting scientist

This type of activity was designed for senior members of work teams, with the purpose of studying the development of science and nuclear technology, organizational and operational aspects of special services, training programs, research, etc. Its duration should not exceed two weeks.

Training courses

The IAEA organizes regional or inter-regional training courses and supports the implementation of national courses, which are offered in multiple areas of science and nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. The main administration of this activity is carried out by the IAEA, which issues calls for participation in said courses